Whatever Happened To…? (Aquarian 7)

Last year, I announced a new project called Aquarian 7. Not only did I announce it, but I said that it would debut in the Summer of 2011. That didn’t happen. In my yearly open letter, I revealed that original project artist, Eshwin Dhir, was unable to fully commit to the project. No hard feelings; I think Eshwin is a great guy and we both went in knowing that he had a full time job in the animation field. Regardless, I still wanted to do the book. In that same open letter, I announced that Sean Izaakse would be taking over the artistic reins of the book.

Sean is amazing, and we work really well together. Sean and I have been plotting out the second Stray mini series and it’s been nothing if not exciting. Sean, like Eshwin, has a great affinity for Aquaman, so I figured…if he’s interested, maybe he’d like to draw the A7? He was. He is.

I wanted to make sure that Sean was invested in the project fully, so I offered him the chance to come up with a team that was his, and not be tied to what came before (the concept behind A7 can also be found in that link, if you’re not familiar with it). With that, I wanted to present the first character that Sean has created for the Aquarian 7…BARRACUDA!

More to come!

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