The Big Update

You know it’s a big one when you pick five tag categories…

Ok, let’s begin with something new:

I’m participating in the 30 Characters/30 Days Challenge. Basically, I will be creating 30 new characters every day for the month of November. I’m not the only one…in fact, my good bud, Dennis Culver, is also participating, among others. Check it out…it should be a lot of fun.

Ok, here’s stuff I should have posted eons ago:

Andres Vera Martinez and I talk about Fist of Dracula

Chris Arrant did a week of blogging with my pals from Robot 6, and in one of his articles, he thought that Dean Haspiel and I should be given a chance to do our Wildcat story for DC Comics

iFanboy chatted up my Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies story with Rachel Freire

Here are some FCHS Reviews:

*Dollar Bin
*Comics Worth Reading
*Sean Collins (via Robot 6’s What Are You Reading? column)

I was asked by Robot 6 for some good reads, as well…

EDIT – And then they asked me what comic scared the crap out of me…

Seriously, just bookmark Robot 6 already…

Martin Conaghan and I met in real life, which resulted in my first mention on Bleeding Cool (which isn’t really much, but I like Rich’s site)

Who are…the Aquarian 7? Eshwin Dhir and I will be answering this is 2011…

Finally, over at Project Rooftop, we started a new feature called RetroFix, and here is one of my newer contributions, the Golden Age Unknown Soldier (now called the Soldier of Liberty)