Give the Gift of Vito Delsante This Holiday!

Happy Holidays, everyone! With two weeks left to shop for gifts, I figured I’d direct you all toward some of my work that is available for purchase. Give the gift of reading! It always comes back to you!

First, you can get physical copies (you know…REAL books) of my work here, at my Amazon web store. Wanna shop at your local comic shop? Here are Diamond order codes for all of my work that is currently in print and available via Diamond Comics:

*Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies TPB (Image Comics) – MAY110481
*Green Hornet Casefiles SC (Moonstone Books) – FEB111083
*Green Hornet Casefiles HC (Moonstone Books) – FEB111084
*Popgun Volume 4 TPB (Image Comics) – DEC090379
*Savage Tales of Red Sonja TPB (Dynamite Entertainment) – AUG090817
*Complete Captain Action TPB (Moonstone Books) – OCT111163
*No Formula: Stores from the Chemistry Set TPB (Desperado Publishing) – JUN083849

Wanna buy FCHS Volume 1? Order it via ComiXpress here.


Does your loved one have a digital reader? Gift these items for them to download!**

*FCHS (Teaser) – Available for the iPhone, iPad and your computer (FREE)
*X-Men Unlimited: Bar Stools – Available with subscription via
*Captain Action: Khem – Available for the iPhone, iPad and your computer (.99 cents).
*Savage Dragon #163: Faster Baby, Yeah Yeah – Full issue (with back-up) available for iPhone, iPad and your computer (1.99)
*Popgun 4 – complete trade paperback available for iPhone, iPad and your computer (12.99)

(Download all your digital comics via the Jim Hanley’s Universe Digital Storefront)


Coming in 2012…my books will be available for the Nook and Kindle! FCHS Volume 1 goes fully digital! More on that soon!

**Is that even possible? You’re probably better off just downloading it in secret for them.

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