Coming in 2011 – Aquarian 7

I’ve spoken about Aquarian 7, the new webcomic I’m developing with artist, Eshwin Dhir, a couple of times now.  The concept is simple: In the wake of the oil spill last year, Eshwin and I, both big Aquaman fans, decided we wanted to do a pro-environment comic.  As a result, we came up with a team…an all-Aquaman JLA so to speak.  Here in this post, I wanted to introduce you to a few of the members.

Aquatico – able to create structures made of coral and other sea life.

Pisces – aquatic speedster

Sea Wolf – the field leader. Mutated human; invulnerability and strength; can survive in any depth or temperature.

Sea Lord – Aquatic royalty*

Sea Hawk – the “Batman” of the sea

The Mariner – aka, Lance O’Casey; leader and strategist

Blue Tide – mistress of sea monsters

There’s actually another member who will join and one of the above who will “leave” in the first arc.  We’ll save that for the comic.

Copyright 2011, Vito Delsante & Eshwin Dhir, except where noted.

*Copyright 2011, Vito Delsante & Eduardo Torres.

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