Buy #FCHS Volume 1! Now $5.00 Less!

The FCHS Gang. (L to R) Reilly, Jules Alisha, Hector, Dane, Marcy (front) Adele, Kennedy (top) art b

You can now by my original graphic novel, FCHS (Volume 1) for $9.99! There is absolutely no reason NOT to get it! For $5.01 less, you get:

  • Art by Rachel Freire
  • Semi-autobiographical story by me
  • Colored cover by Award winning colorist, Jose Villarrubia
  • Sex (full frontal female and male nudity!)
  • Football (’cause the season is almost over)
  • Alcohol (seriously, there’s like 5 parties in this book)
  • Fighting (mostly Kennedy kicking dudes’ asses)
  • After all that, do I have to explain that this is a Mature Audiences Book?*

Honestly, this book has EVERYTHING! Go to ComiXpress and order yours today!

As an added bonus, look at this poster Rachel did for the Criterion Edition of Modern Times:

Modern Times Poster for All Tomorrow’s Parties Criterion Collection by Rachel Freire


*However, I have no issue with giving it to a 16 or 17 year old. I even had a friend’s son read it and he said, “This is the most accurate portrayal of life here.”

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