If you haven’t read this older post, you won’t understand the significance of the title, but that shouldn’t impede your enjoyment of this post.

This is…what I’m about to reveal, announce, tell you, is quite possibly the biggest thing I’ve ever done, creatively. Seriously, bigger than doing Superman.

Let’s begin. Before I tell you what is going on, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to read this article. The article is a transcript of Mark Waid’s keynote speech at this year’s Harvey Awards, and it has gone mostly forgotten, by this point (December). Maybe not forgotten, but it’s not spoken about as much as it was when it happened. Trust me when I say that this document is as important as Robert Kirkman’s creator owned manifesto, so please take the time to read it. Go. Now.

Ok, are you back?

Here’s the thing that spoke to me: “…culture is more important than copyright.” Waid argues many points about many different topics, but this…these bolded words above, hit me in a very soft spot (I’ll readily admit that I might be missing the point of his speech). He’s right. The idea of public domain adds to comics. But there are very few characters (as compared to copyrighted/franchise/creator owned characters) that are in the public domain. That changes today.

Today, December 1, 2010, I’m adding 35.

Beginning today, YOU, the comic reading/comic creating public, can create comics or other similar works (film, prose, etc.) using the characters I created for the 30 Characters/30 Days Challenge. Using the Creative Commons license you see below and on the character designs, you can write, draw, compose a comic book, whatever, using one of…or more than one…of these characters.

A few caveats (because there’s always a catch):

1. As the license dictates, you must give me full credit (“Created by Vito Delsante”).

That’s it. You don’t even have to pay me. My characters are yours to play with, so play nice. You don’t even need my approval. Seeing as how six (seven, if you count Black Cobra #5, who was the Cobra Kid) are public domain characters, I really can’t keep them from you.

The question might come up…”Why do this?” Well, I mention the Waid article, but also, I realize that I might not get the chance to work on these characters any time soon, and that’s not fair to the characters. I think they deserve to be seen. Besides, Stan Lee can’t get all the IP* Farm work!

I hope you all agree that this is a big step in my career and that this is a…well, it’s probably not a great moment in comics, but it’s one of minor significance. If others follow suit, and I hope they do, this could change comics for the future.

So…get cracking!

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*intellectual property

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