Prisoner of None – Origins 1

EDIT: 3/6/13 – Well, a day after posting and I just learned some new tricks. Much thanks to Phil Hofer (@Frumph), the creator of Comic Easel. The learning curve is steep and fast, and I took a little longer than I would have wanted, but hey…NOW it looks great!

Thanks to everyone who is checking us out. David and I really appreciate it. By the way, if you haven’t already, please check out David’s work. You’ll kick yourself for not discovering him sooner:

Seriously, this is the type of story that only WE could tell. It took us…close to a year to really put this together. I’ve never been that patient in my life (actually, that’s not true) when it came to making a comic (still not true, but closer to truth than I would admit to). Speaking of patience…

This is going to be a slow experience. We are going to roll out the origins as quickly as possible, but the actual pages are going to be relatively slower. This is because David has a real job…he’s a scientist. An honest to God, I kid you not SCIENTIST. When we started doing this comic, we both agreed that we were going to take our time, not set deadlines, and just HAVE FUN with it. This may not jive with a lot of readers, but I can promise you, PROMISE YOU, that when Fantomudoragon’s story is complete, you will be satisfied. On Twitter, I teased a piece of dialogue for Fantomu that I really can’t wait for everyone to see. I’m seriously excited about this story, so when I say you’ll enjoy it, you will. I swear.

NOW this looks like a webcomic!



Prisoner of None is © and ™ 2013 Delsante and Bednarski. All rights reserved.

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  1. Sweet work, Vito. Looking forward to seeing this story progress. Keep cranking, my dude.

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