RECAP: In November 2010, I participated in the 30 Characters Challenge and created 35 new characters. In December, I gave them all away (for the most part). I decided that one of my projects in 2011 would be to add to that list of 35 and, by December 2011, create 100 new characters total. Every Monday, I will post a new character. This is the fifth:


Concept:”RetroFix” of Nightmare and Sleepy

My version of Nightmare is an extension of the original (Nightmare, see above), in some ways, but a re-imagining in others.  This Nightmare has a superpower: he’s a somnambulo-psychic, meaning he is telepathic, but only when the other person is asleep.  Therefore, he uses a gun (called Sleepy) to induce sleep in his opponent.  Truth be told, it’s an attempt to update the Simon/Kirby Sandman in a way, by taking some inspiration from the best use of the dreamscape in modern times: Inception.  What Nightmare does is he invades dreams psychically, but he can’t do it while the person is awake.  Subsequently, using his powers also puts him in a REM sleep state (Sleepy’s gas doesn’t affect him).  He’s a capable fighter and detective, but if you’re going up against him, you better stock up on Red Bull…not that it’ll help.

NOTE: I’m not going to put every character into the Creative Commons, like I did with the initial 35. Reason being that it seems like not a lot of folks have run with the ball and I had hoped they would. So, it’s best to just work on them myself and then, maybe after a one-shot or something, put them out there.

Also, due to weird HM usage rules, I’m not posting the images of the initial designs, so feel free to click the link to see that.

ARTISTS – If you’d like to take a swing at drawing Nightmare (daily sketch, etc), let me know so I can post your art here on the site!

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