100 Characters Challenge – #64 Captain Freedom

Not many more to go, but we’re still focusing on Casino Criminale…

RECAP: In November 2010, I participated in the 30 Characters Challenge and created 35 new characters. In December, I gave them all away (for the most part). I decided that one of my projects in 2011 would be to add to that list of 35 and, by December 2011, create 100 new characters total. Every Monday, I will post a new character. This is the twenty-ninth:

Captain Freedom (by Greg Giordano)

This is the seventh character from a project I’m developing called Casino Criminale. Patriotic hero Donald Wright has retired from crime fighting and has returned to his original vocation, as publisher of a New York newspaper (the Daily Bulletin). He gets brought in to War Horse’s crusade, if only to keep the name and legacy of Captain Freedom clean for his eventual successor, his son. You might recognize Captain Freedom. He’s a public domain character that we’re seeing post career. So, what we’re doing here is saying, “Yes, those published adventures happened,” and we may even refer to them, but those adventures won’t really be relevant to what we’re doing with CF in this story.

Once again, I couldn’t have done this without Greg Giordano. Greg has agreed to design all of the characters for CC, so if you’re a fan of his art (and you should be), come back for next week!

As I reveal more of the characters, I’m sure I’ll reveal more of the background for Casino Criminale, so I hope you’ll join me again next Monday.

ARTISTS – If you’d like to take a swing at drawing Captain Freedom (daily sketch, etc), let me know so I can post your art here on the site!

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Next week, more from Casino Criminale!

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